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How Do Pets Help Reduce Anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety? Anxiety can be as simple as that flutter in your chest or that pit in your stomach or you just don’t feel“right”. Anxiety can be defined as the feeling of fear, dread, or uneasiness (National Institute of Mental Health). We are always looking for ways to manage and improve our mental health. Most […]


Are You Really Ready for Winter?

As a physical therapist assistant I meet many members of the community on a daily basis. This week, I was very surprised when hearing how many of our patients were facing power outages. I was just as surprised when speaking to neighbors who were locked on the highway for days. Considering power lines can generally […]


New Year, Same Snow Story

I sit here writing this blog following our most recent snow storm and first of the New Year, in which it shut down I-95, left people without power for days, and turned local roads into an ice rink. I think to myself “How is Virginia always so underprepared for winter every year?” It’s not like […]

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Fusion Rehab and Wellness Now Offers Non-Surgical Pelvic Health Rehabilitation at our Alexandria Clinic!

As the classic Shakira hit says, your hips don’t lie. And when your hips and anything associated with them are saying something is or may be wrong, it is definitely time to take action. A lot of important parts are located within the pelvic region, spanning your bowels, bladder, urinary tract and much more. Some […]

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Is CBD the best new health trend or is it just a fad?  The Use of CBD has become increasingly popular throughout the United States.  By the end of 2020, the CBD market showed over 700% growth.  Nowadays, you can pick up CBD literally almost everywhere (gas stations, CBD stores, Amazon, Etc).  However, as popular […]

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Summertime Relief with Archies!

Are you tired of your parents, children, caregivers, and/or healthcare professionals telling you to stop wearing flip flops?  Want to show off your new cute pedicure, but worried about how your feet will feel afterwards?  Well, I’m here to convince you otherwise! A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of trialing a pair of […]