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Benefits of Pursuing Cycling

  Many say that you never forget how to ride a bike, so now would be a great opportunity to hop back on your two-wheeler and enjoy the copious amounts of health benefits that cycling has to offer. If you are someone who enjoyed cycling when you were younger, right now would be a great […]

Healthy Brownie Alternative

Are you looking for a healthy dessert to share at your pool parties or cookouts this summer? Try out these delicious blackbean brownies. This recipe is flourless and is the perfect healthy alternative. This is a vegan friendly brownie that will have all of your friends and family asking for the recipe. This recipe has […]

Superhero Pose Increases Confidence

If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, then you probably remember the scene where Amelia Sheperd stands like a Superhero before going into the Operating Room to perform a major surgery on her mentor, Dr. Herman.  If you’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, you can watch the scene below.  Shonda Rhimes (producer of Grey’s Anatomy) deserves a […]