Keeping Your Mobility Afloat

Traditional physical therapy works for a lot of folks. But, unfortunately, for some it just doesn’t.  Before throwing in the towel and/or giving up hope completely, there is another stellar option out there: Aquatic therapy. Select patients…

Rock Steady Boxing

My name is Rich Gaudio. I have been a physical therapist in the greater Fredericksburg area the past 20 years. I am the Clinical Director at Fusion Physical Therapy in the Cosner's Corner area of Spotsylvania.  We have an exciting new program…
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Reaching out to the Community

We at Fusion Pride ourselves in educating our community about our profession and keeping up with the most recent studies and information related to our practice. We were very excited when LOWLINC (Living Independently In Our Community) asked…
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What you need to know about the Therapy Cap

Medicare Therapy Cap How it may negatively affect your therapy services in 2018. According to AARP, about 15% of the US population are enrolled in Medicare and this percentage is steadily rising. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services…

Dry Needling

Is Functional Dry Needling right for you? Learn the answer to your question as Dr. Travis Stoner explains the benefits of Functional Dry Needling  

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dr. Travis Stoner, owner of Fusion Physical Therapy in Fredericksburg, VA and Director of Fusion Physical Therapy in Woodbridge, VA discusses Vestibular Disorders and Rehabilitation.  


Home Exercise program to help with BPPV instructed by Dr. Travis Stoner, Owner of Fusion Rehab and Wellness in Fredericksburg, Va