Tips to help manage patellar tendon pain, or commonly known as, “jumper’s knee”


The road to recovery with tendinopathy takes some time, and the healing time frame can take several weeks to several months. There is no quick fix, and no magical pill for tendinopathy!


🔥 On the bright side, 2/3 of athletes are able to return to their sport within 6 months.


Despite having pain with activity, it is of paramount importance to resume daily activity, as tolerated. It also important to avoid complete rest. Research has shown that complete rest and inactivity is not favorable for tendinopathy. Research has shown that progressive strengthening aids in the recovery of Patellar tendon injuries, or commonly known as “Jumper’s knee.” 


TAKE AWAY POINT: There are many treatment options for “Jumper’s knee”, but the KEY goal for rehabilitation is IMPROVING your muscles and tendons ability to manage the load being placed on them daily. 






Physical therapists can help create a plan of care that will help guide you through a faster recovery by helping to decrease pain, and to return you back to a normal, healthy, and active lifestyle!

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Here’s the research!! Check out the two articles below:

Isometric strength of the hip abductors and external rotators in athletes with and without patellar tendinopathy.


Evidence based treatment options for common knee injuries in runners

Written by: Darrell Dila, DPT

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