Giving Thanks!

Front Porch Highlights Anna from Fusion PT In the November edition of the Front Porch, our "Life in Motion" column recognizes Anna Robinson who is known in the greater Fredericksburg-area as the voice and the face of Fusion PT. See page 23…

PT and Concussion

Concussion and Physical Therapy Below is an article written by Move Forward PT defining concussion and explaining the importance of seeking medical treatment and follow up care post concussion. Concussion is a traumatic brain injury that…

Dry Needling

Is Functional Dry Needling right for you? Learn the answer to your question as Dr. Travis Stoner explains the benefits of Functional Dry Needling  

MS Exercise Class

The local YMCA will be having a MS Exercise class once a week starting today! Please check out the Flyer below for more information. Keep Moving With Emily Adaptive MS Exercise Class Join us for a fun, inclusive exercise class for people…

Thursday Forum - Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation Is stress taking control of your life? Are you having difficulty managing everyday tasks? Join us on September 21st at 3pm as Carol Klein will be teaching the best techniques to help manage your stress through…

Thursday Forum- Gray Dog Yoga

Gray Dog Yoga Yoga is for everybody and every body!     Looking for a fun activity? Come join us on September 14th at 3pm for yoga with Bobbi Stoakes of Gray Dog Yoga. We welcome all skill levels. It's a great judgement…

Thursday Forum: Gray Dog Yoga

After a small break the Forum is back up with Bobbi Stoakes of Gray Dog Yoga! Yoga helps with everything from stress relief to joint pain to everything in between. We look forward to making your day a little easier :) Find out more about…

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dr. Travis Stoner, owner of Fusion Physical Therapy in Fredericksburg, VA and Director of Fusion Physical Therapy in Woodbridge, VA discusses Vestibular Disorders and Rehabilitation.  


Home Exercise program to help with BPPV instructed by Dr. Travis Stoner, Owner of Fusion Rehab and Wellness in Fredericksburg, Va