As the classic Shakira hit says, your hips don’t lie.

And when your hips and anything associated with them are saying something is or may be wrong, it is definitely time to take action.

A lot of important parts are located within the pelvic region, spanning your bowels, bladder, urinary tract and much more. Some of the most common ailments stemming from this vital region of the body include urinary incontinence, lack of bowel control and pelvic organ prolapse, causing a bulge through the vaginal canal.

All of the aforementioned can bring an incredible amount of pain and/or discomfort and, if not addressed, can linger unnecessarily or equate to major medical bills.

And, nobody needs or wants that… at all.

Fortunately, Fusion Rehab and Wellness offers a non-invasive and proven approach for pelvic health rehabilitation. Leading the charge in Fusion Rehab and Wellness’ efforts is Dr. TaLisa Cummings-Taylor, who works out of the practice’s Spotsylvania location.

“In some instances, we’ve seen women have hysterectomies or other complex surgeries, when they haven’t been necessary whatsoever,” said Cummings-Taylor. “It’s highly recommended to give physical therapy a shot first. We can try different exercises and techniques, with surgery being the last option explored.”

According to Cummings-Taylor, the optimal time to make a visit to Fusion Rehab and Wellness is when you’re experiencing targeted symptoms, including urinary leakage, pelvic pain, discomfort during intercourse and persistent lower back/pelvic joint aching, among others. Additionally, for women who are currently pregnant or are postpartum, pelvic floor therapy can be immensely helpful in tissue repair and clearing any pelvic congestion.

Whether staying one step ahead of a prospective issue or addressing an ongoing pain, the team at Fusion Rehab and Wellness team is ready to assist.

“Unlike many others, we don’t practice solely as an outpatient clinic,” said Cummings-Taylor. “From vestibular rehab to orthopedic manual physical therapy, we’re not focused on just post-surgical. In many we ways, we want to prevent our patients from having to endure surgery – and everything that may come with it – wherever possible.”

Fusion Rehab and Wellness is now offering our Pelvic Health program in our Alexandria clinic as well. Dr. Kimberly Tyborowski is accepting Pelvic Health patients. Her office, located at 2560 Huntington Avenue can be reached at 571-347-7860. For more information on Fusion Rehab and Wellness and its services, visit

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