I am exactly one week away from my 48th birthday. I had set myself a personal goal to be either at 200 pounds or (preferably) below by then. Last Tuesday I weighed in at 201. I feel like I have been doing well on my diet. With the warmer weather I have been getting out and exercising more. My hope is that I will have met my goals a week early, but if I either stayed the same or gained, I will be extremely hard on myself in this next week.

It is always interesting writing this blog before my weekly weigh in. I honestly do not know if I have gained or lost anything. I have always considered myself to be a realist with pessimistic tendencies. So, when I go in on Tuesdays, it is always with an attitude of “what have I done wrong this week and how can I improve it?”

I try to be as consistent as possible. My appointments are always at the same time and I always wear the same clothing. In my mind, if I keep those factors constant, I should get a more accurate weight. Whether that is true or not, it is something that I have come to follow as a routine.

The other thing that I have often questioned myself about is “how come you keep writing this blog before your weigh in instead of after?” This answer is much simpler. I feel that I can be more honest with myself and my readers. If I have a good weigh in and write about it afterwards, I may not address some of the issues I thought were important before my Tuesdays with Shannon (catchy title, huh?).

Since I only weigh once a week, this does create some tension for both of us at the beginning of our meetings. For me, the reason is simple, did I or did I not lose weight? So, when I go into Shannon’s office the scale on the floor will set the tone for our meeting. When I step onto it and the numbers finish spinning and show my weight, I usually take a few moments of silence to process this new information.

This is where the tension for Shannon comes into play. As I am standing there silently processing this new information, Shannon cannot wait to hear the number. I can only imagine that for her it is like the announcer saying “and the winner is… (long pause)” to a competition she is participating in.

I started this journey with my first weigh in at 229 pounds. Shannon tracks my weight each week. In my weigh ins I have either lost weight, stayed the same or gained less than one pound. Overall, not too shabby. Now that I am knocking on the door to a world in which I could weigh less than 200 pounds, the pressure is on. If I could lose thirty pounds in twenty weeks, that would be amazing. I think I am making myself more anxious about today’s appointment just by writing this. So, I am going to switch gears.

This week I got back on my bicycle. Not the evil nemesis that I began my exercising on but my actual bicycle. My daughter and I have been going out for rides together and I have really enjoyed it. Last night my wife joined us. When we would go out this time last year, being on the bike was uncomfortable. Now, it is quite enjoyable. Close to thirty pounds off makes quite a difference. Oh, and as an added bonus, my daughter has lost two pounds since she last went to see Shannon with me.

I have also been doing more routine things that count as exercise. I have been moving tubs from my house to my parents’ house for storage. Instead of loading up tubs onto a hand truck, I carried them one at a time. I combined weightlifting with getting my steps in. I am also much more aware of how I lift. The staff at the Lee’s Hill clinic (especially Micbeth) made sure that sunk in when they were treating me for back pain.

Every day I try to do something in my daily routine that also counts as exercise. Obviously, I take the stairs as opposed to elevators when I can. I make more trips with smaller loads to get steps in. With a lot of weight gone, I can better feel my core activating and find myself working on my core more often.

Today’s weather is beautiful. After my workday is done, I plan on going out on my bike again. My new biking goal is to be able to ride the battlefield from mine road to the end and back. I think that is reasonable. Don’t you?

Have a great week everyone.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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