Hello all. Today will be a much shorter blog post as I am enjoying being on my first and only week of vacation this year. To those of you who have read my blogs thus far I want to thank you for coming along on this journey with me. If you are reading this for the first time, you can catch up on all the past posts at fusionpta.com on our blog page.

I have some good news to share. At last week’s weigh-in I hit my end of the year goal to be at 215 pounds! I lost 14 pounds in seven weeks. I did it by following my meal plan and sticking to the goals I set for myself. A positive attitude towards it was helpful as well. Not to mention the assistance of Shannon, my super awesome health coach at Revolutionary Wellness, who you will get to know better next week.

Now, that was the good part. Here is how last week’s adventure with dieting went. I was doing well resisting all temptations on Christmas goodies until I started receiving gifts of sweets. I managed to meet my goal of 215 pounds early, but how much jeopardy was I willing to put on my accomplishment. So yes, I gave in to temptation and had some sweets this past week. I tried to keep the amount low, but it was still more than I felt I should have. I had 2 small slices of chocolate cake, 2 small slices of cheesecake with cherries on top, more than a few buckeyes (thanks Ashley and Ashley’s Mom) and some chocolate soufflé. I also had 2 slices of Domino’s pizza. Not all at once, of course. This was spread out over the week.

I did adjust my meals to try and cover for the decadence that I knew I would give in to. I did something else this week that surprised even me, I started to exercise. That is right, this week (and by that, I mean yesterday) I started doing 20 minutes on the exercise bike at level 6. I have done that the past two mornings before breakfast. I must admit, I felt great when I was done. I will continue this for the rest of the week, then next week go to 30 minutes.

Now, will that help with the sweets I imbibed in this past week? Maybe, maybe not. What does help is the attitude I took about it. I told myself that if my weight has not changed this week or it goes up a pound or two, it is not the end of the world. I made a choice to eat that food and there will be consequences. It is how I choose to deal with those consequences that matter.

The holidays will be over next week and with starting to exercise on a regular basis, I will go into the new year with a positive outlook on my health. The appointment with my doctor I had hoped to update you on this week got rescheduled for next Tuesday, so we will cover a lot of ground next week.

Until then, I wish you all the happiest of New Years. I want to send a special shout out to my number one fan, Peg Martell. She has been following my blog since week one and looks forward to reading it. She is always asking how things are going. Thank you for all your support, Peg.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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