Wow, Fifteen weeks. Fifteen weeks have passed since I began this journey. I have impressed a lot of people with my weight loss and overall improvements in my health. I am down almost twenty pounds. But something has been going on these past two weeks. Last week I gained less than half a pound. I do not feel like I have lost any weight this week. I will not know what the weight will be this week until this afternoon, but something has been going on and it is hampering me from reaching my goal.

I have become complacent.

I am not depressed (something we discussed at length in a previous blog). I am not sick. I just have not been as rigid on myself in terms of exercise, water consumption and regulating mealtimes. I do, however, still show the most consistency with breakfast. That was a meal I often skipped and now I cannot see my day starting without it.

So, what caused me to be complacent?

I have been working a lot from home a lot more the past two weeks. I am not getting out as much as I would like. I miss being in the clinics and visiting with my fellow employees. I am not seeing many other people now. I have been working on a few projects that have me in front of a computer at my desk in the living room.

The dogs are constantly barking at some unseen thing outside the window. My daughter is doing virtual school and always has questions about her work. She also wants to eat every day. What is up with that? I mean, she just had breakfast three hours ago.

So, every day just seems like one long day that bleeds into the next. By the time worktime is over I have the evenings and the weekends. The tiny human always wants her mother and I to entertain her. So that takes up time. If this were a normal time, she would get plenty of socialization with her friends at school. Since there is no school, it is tough on her too.

Fortunately, I should be done with two of my projects this week. Tomorrow I am getting out and seeing people face to face (or is it mask to mask?). I will spend most of the day in the real world, then Thursday I will be back at the desk if the weather is bad. I cannot wait to see people again.

My home office space is not what I would like it to be. I really need to declutter my surroundings. My workspace at home seems cramped and if I am going to spend long periods of time here, I need it to be comfortable. It feels cramped and a simple cleaning would make all the difference in the world. We also have dark curtains in the living room. I really should open them and let some natural light in. This would help, at least until the dogs start barking at a squirrel, the mailman or any other creature that happens to pass by. Then the chaos begins.

Since my home office is in the middle of the chaos that is our ground floor it gets rather stressful. If I clean and organize, I can control some of that. I can create a healthier, at-home workspace and feel less trapped. I also need to get up every twenty or so minutes to stretch, walk around and take my eyes away from the screen. Almost on cue, the dogs are running downstairs now barking at who knows what.

If you feel that you are trapped in a rut, I am here to tell you that you do have the ability to get yourself out of it. You need to change something that you are currently doing and replace it with something that will have a positive effect for you. For me, it could be the simple act of decluttering and opening the drapes. What could it be for you?

I have an idea that I will be discussing with Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness this afternoon. If all goes well, I may find something completely new to add to my routine. I hope to have more for you next week.

Until then, have a great week!

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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