Hello all. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I took last week off to spend it with my family. I had such high expectations for everything I was going to accomplish now that I had the time to do so. Can you guess what happened? I did none of those things. I got a lot of rest. I spent time with my wife, daughter, sister and parents. I read a little bit. I played with my dogs. I worked on sorting out huge collections of Lego. I relaxed and enjoyed my vacation. It was great.

One of the biggest fears people who are trying to lose weight have is the holidays. They feel that with all the treats and temptations they are powerless. They set themselves up to think “Ok, I’ll just take a break from my diet and start over in the new year.” While I was determined to stay on my diet, I also wanted to reach my goal of being at 215 pounds by January 1st. If you read last weeks blog, you know I hit that goal already. There was still a week to go until the new year. I could either fall into the “I made my goal now I deserve a break from dieting” mindset or I could choose to make sure I continued my journey and didn’t gain weight before the last weigh in. I chose the latter.

Now, last week I told you that I started exercising. I meet with my super awesome health coach Shannon every Tuesday at 2pm for a consistent time to weigh in and discuss the past weeks events. This past week we discussed exercise and she put me on a plan that I could easily do in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I have to say that after spending a week doing all the exercises she gave me, I still like her.

Most of us who have not exercised in quite some time have an avoidance to doing it. I mean, did I really want to get up every day and do something that will just make me tired and feel worn out? One of my favorite jokes was “I tried lifting weights, but they are just so heavy.” So yes, I was not wanting to exercise.

So, how did I wind up exercising? You guessed it. Shannon. She took the same approach with me on exercising that she did with my diet. We talked about it and she set me up with an exercise program that was easy for me to accomplish and having a week off to get used to it was a bonus as well. Like everything else in this journey, I developed the mindset that this is what I am going to do and I will be consistent.

Now, every morning I take about thirty minutes in the start of my day to exercise. It helps me get my day started and I do not feel as miserable as I thought I would after each round. I find it to be quite calming. It is not all perfect, though. Today was core work after a fifteen-minute-high pressure spin on the exercise bike. I made it through the bike, stretched, then moved on to core. Here is where I did not do so well. Today’s core exercise was 3 sets of 30 second planks.

The first thirty seconds went ok. I could feel some slight shakiness but made it through. I took a short rest, then on to plank number 2. Still some shakiness but I pushed on and completed the second one. Another rest then on to plank number 3. I did not make it.

I use the timer on my phone for my exercise. As the timer was counting backwards from 30, I felt like I would not be able to hold it. With 12 seconds left I collapsed. I could not hold it. Is that considered a failure? No. I did two good planks that I could not have done before. Next time I will get all three, or maybe I will get two and collapse with 6 seconds left. Either way it is better than the previous time. It is only failure when you stop trying.

Now, shameless plug time. If you are a regular reader you have heard me mention Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness several times. I chose to start my journey with her as I had met her earlier last year when discussing getting some of her clients into physical therapy. During the meeting she told us about her program and how it works. So, when the time came for me to start taking my health and weight seriously, I chose to go see her. She has made this journey a very positive one and I feel that all of you should get to know who I chose to help me a little better.

Shannon grew up in Minnesota. She earned her bachelor’s at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls in the agricultural department where she studied the food industry, farming, animal science and meat production.

While in college she joined the Army where she was inspired by one of her NCO’s to become a fitness professional. She would help individuals push and transform their bodies to the next level. Throughout her training career she noticed there was a huge disconnect with her clients and their nutrition and wanted to do something about it. She went back to school to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach.

She specializes in working with patients to transform their health by guiding and educating them to have a healthy relationship with food, fuel their bodies with high quality nutrients, incorporate exercise, and maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, running, lifting, trying new food, and riding her horses.

Working with Shannon has also helped me accomplish another one of my goals. I met with my primary care physician and went over the results of my last round of lab work. She was extremely happy with the numbers and cut my dosage of blood pressure and cholesterol medications in half. I go back to see her in another three months to see if we might be able to go off the medication entirely.  

Now, how did I do on the last weigh in of 2020? Remember, I started at 229 pounds. My goal for the last weigh in was 215. I weighed in at 214. My next weigh in is today at 2pm. My next goal is to be at 200 pounds by March 16th.

There are a lot of people I want to thank for their support, but today I want to recognize Travis and Ashley who called me into the meeting that kicked off this whole journey. If they had were not concerned about my health, I never would have gotten started. Thanks guys.

See you next week.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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