Food anxiety and bathroom issues. That is what my second week of dieting has been. I promised you last week that I would share the good, bad, and ugly with you. Today we will discuss my food anxiety and my love/hate relationship with adding more water to my diet. Before we begin, I want to start out by letting you know how the timing of this blog will work. As I sit here writing this, I am finishing up my second week on the diet and have my weekly check in with Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness. The weight loss I share with you is what I accomplished in the first week. I will not know how this past week went until 2:00 today.

When I started my initial weigh-in was 229 pounds. Chest was 45”, arm was 13”, waist was 49” and hips were 44”. After my first week I weighed in at 225 pounds. Shannon and I discussed weight loss goals and decided that I should be at 215 pounds by the end of the year and under 200 pounds by mid-March. Today I will have another weigh-in and measurements taken. I will share those with you next week.

So, on to this past week. After I got my first weigh-in and lost some weight I thought, “this is great. Four pounds down and it wasn’t that much of a struggle”. With new-found confidence there is also plenty of time to second guess yourself.

I began questioning the food I was eating. Although it says I can have rice, broccoli, cheese, and chicken, can I have them all in the same meal? I have my meal plan, but it does not list asparagus. Does it still count as a vegetable? What about Sushi?  Are the recipes in “The Food You Crave” by Ellie Krieger acceptable for my diet? I am supposed to have one protein and one fat for snack, but I find myself using one vegetable and one fat. Am I going to Hell?

While I do miss certain foods that have been declared unhealthy, there are still times when I see something, and that little voice goes “Go ahead. Eat it. No one will know”. That little voice also happens to wear a red cape and has pointy horns on top of his head. Yet he sounds eerily like Morgan Freeman. Oh well, go figure.

So, at today’s meeting I am sure we will discuss and modify my meal plan a little. It is very easy to get cocky after a little success. You start to think, “Ok. I got this. Nothing I can’t handle”. That is when you start to make mistakes. Rookie car salesmen would have a run of luck when they first started and after three months, they would have a “know-it-all” attitude and then begin to overthink and lose sales. We called them “ninety-day wonders”. I am doing my best not to overthink this and relax a little.

The other issue I have come across with the diet is that I sometimes still feel hungry after dinner. I thought that feeling had gone away, but it has reared its ugly head again. This will also be a topic brought up at today’s appointment.

At this point I also want to thank my wife, who has been very supportive of this journey. She has been helping me with my meal plan, making suggestions and generally being my biggest supporter in this. She has even begun to modify her diet as well. I find for me the two biggest things that help me with this is accountability and support. I am finding both in abundance with what I’m doing now.

One of the other things that Shannon recommended to me is increase my water intake. I had already quit my RC Cola and cut down to one 12-ounce coffee and 4 16.9-ounce waters a day. So, wanting to take this seriously, I began upping my water intake to 5 bottles a day. This has not been particularly enjoyable.

While I previously held nothing against water, it has quickly become the bane of my existence. I spread my intake out throughout the day. The first night I was up every ninety minutes to go to the bathroom. That was the worst night. Thankfully I’m down to only getting up once in the middle of the night to make the trip to relieve myself.

While the nights got better, the days have gotten worse. Since my job requires me to be in several different places throughout the day, I find myself constantly searching for the nearest restroom. It seems like I am in the bathroom now at least fifteen times a day. I am starting to form a love/hate relationship with toilets. It’s like they are a place of great relief, but also, I hate that they beckon to me every forty-five minutes.

I told you last week I would share everything with you. The good, the bad and the ugly. So here it is. When I pee, it has become so clear that I swear the water I drink is doing nothing but going straight to my bladder then out again. Deep down, I know that this is a good thing for me, however, the time allotted for bathroom use and the unexpected pressure showing up at all times of day is not particularly enjoyable. And what is with the need to pee immediately after I have just finished? If this is what pregnant women go through, I have a whole new respect for them.

There is one small thing that happened this past week that took me by surprise. I had a couple of patients that commented on how much they enjoyed reading last weeks blog. It just goes to show that people are reading this and that they are genuinely interested. So, to those of you who have been supportive of this journey, I thank you. To those of you who are on a similar journey, I support you.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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