What follows three days of rain in Virginia? Tuesday! Once again it is time for my weekly check-in with (Shameless Plug Time) Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness and of course my supportive family at Fusion Rehab and Wellness. I am adding a new shameless plug in this week for two outstanding Facebook groups that are really helping me out. Those would be the Rappahannock Area YMCA’s RESET Community page and the new Fusion Friends and Family page.

RESET is a six-week program allowing for exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week. It is a great community of people who will help you stay connected, share progress, and stay motivated and inspired. I strongly recommend checking them out if you want some great “accountabilibuddies”. Who gets the reference?

The Fusion Friends and Family page is a new community for people who want to focus on a healthy lifestyle, share wellness tips, stories, and photos. You are free to ask questions and get advice on a wide variety of health-related topics. It is a public group so all are welcome.

So, I had my visit with Shannon last week and we did something a little different. For last weeks visit I brought my daughter, Sera, so she could see what I have been doing every Tuesday at 2:00 pm. She met Shannon and saw me get on the scale. I weighed in at the exact same 204 pounds I did the previous week. She looked at me and said “Daddy, you haven’t lost any weight.”

I was glad I had not, as I brought her with me for other reasons. The week prior I had asked Shannon if it was ok that I brought her along. While I have spent the last seventeen weeks trying to get to a much healthier weight, my daughter has not been making the best food choices.

Sera is eight years old and in the third grade. She has not been to school in person in close to a year. She is all virtual, so she is in front of a computer a lot of the time. She has not been to her taekwondo classes in person since the pandemic started and she has not seen many other kids in all this time.

So, when you stop to think about it, this is a kid who is going through what a lot of us adults are going through, and it must be extremely hard on her. As a result of a lot of home time, her weight has been higher than it should be for her age and height. I did not want to give her a complex, so I asked Shannon if there was anything she could say to her to help.

Kids can put on weight just like adults. This was a foreign concept to me. As a child, I would not break 100 pounds until almost my freshman year of high school. When I met my wife in my late 20’s I barely made 130. Can you imagine that? Me, a string bean. So, having not had to deal with weight gain as a child, I needed some help with Sera.

Sera and I sat with Shannon and discussed my need for her to help me with my diet and exercise. She asked Sera similar questions to the ones she asked me about my eating habits and exercise habits. Sera answered all her questions as best she could. I noticed what Shannon was doing, and I could see it working.

This past week, Sera has been much better about her eating habits. We have spent more time outside, although not as much as I would have liked. Oh well, there is always this week. With the weather getting better there will be more time to walk the dogs and ride the bikes. I will also be able to get a lot more exercise by moving heavy objects to different locations. Sunday was the start of that.

My wife has left her position with her current practice to work for a government contractor. On Sunday we had to go to her office and remove all her personal belongings. These included a desk, filing cabinet, 2 bookcases, office chair, numerous boxes of books and pictures.

The fun part is that her office is on the second floor and there are no elevators. So numerous trips were made carrying each item by hand and loading them into our vehicles outside. I can tell you that the numerous trips I’ve taken up and down the staircase in my home wearing a weight vest were perfect training for that.

I thought back to when we first moved her into that office. I was out of shape and felt exhausted after the first few trips. It was a struggle. I also thought back to moving my Grandfather out of his basement apartment at my parent’s house to his assisted living facility. I thought about cleaning out his workshop after he passed away and all his tools that I loaded up for my sister to take back to Iowa. I also thought about all the tools of his that came to my house.

I went back even further in my mind to packing up everything from our home in Oklahoma and moving back to Fredericksburg. On each occasion I was extremely exhausted and was worn out for days after. This time was different.

We got everything back to our house from the office and unloaded it. I was amazed to find out I still had energy left. Every time I put on the weight vest; I remind myself that this is how much I weighed before I started this journey.  

My mother has decided that it is finally time to deal with all my grandparents’ belongings that have been sitting alone in the basement apartment. I will be lifting, toting, loading. I will also be bringing lots of stuff from our house to store in the empty workshop. A lot of lifting, loading, and carrying. Should be great exercise.

On that note I will wish you all a good week. I hope you do look at the RESET community and Fusion Friends and Family groups on Facebook. They really are great. See you next Tuesday.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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