Last Tuesday was weigh in day and measurements. I am happy to report that I have finally broken the 25 pounds lost mark. I weighed in at 204 pounds. I have also lost 5 inches from my chest, waist, and hips since I started. I bought myself a 2XL shirt, the first one in a while, and even that seemed big and baggy.

 I had a good talk with Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness (shameless plug of the week). As it turns out, what I thought was being in a rut and being complacent was me adapting to and accepting of my new relationship with food and exercise. So, yay me!

This week I want to do something different. One of the core beliefs at Fusion Rehab and Wellness is to be able to give back to the community. We see all of our patients as family, so today I want to introduce you to someone I am very honored to have in our family, Mr. David Cowart. He is a patient of ours and we have just sponsored his first ten weeks with Revolutionary Wellness. For those of you who have supported me and shown me love and encouragement, I would like you to do the same for David. Below is his story:

“It has been a rough few years between injuries and other issues with my legs, COVID and other health issues. These injuries and poor (quick) eating habits have played tag team on which would contribute more to my weight gain over the years. Things need to change for my own longevity, but also to be more capable to be an active participant in my children’s hijinks going forward.

David Cowart
David Cowart


Today starts a new day. In partnership with Fusion Rehab and Wellness and Revolutionary Wellness and with the support of my family I am starting my road to wellness.

 It does not start off pretty.  I topped out at 552 today. I start this journey with much trepidation as I am a decades long yo-yo dieter and exerciser. I do feel optimistic in the 1-2 punch of the physical rehab with the Fusion team coupled with a monitored/sustainable plan with Revolutionary Wellness, that this time may be different.

I will be updating weekly so, any encouragement is welcome as I stride forward. Thank you all for your support as well.”

I give David a lot of respect for his willingness to put himself out there and share his journey with us. The decision to make a change in your lifestyle can be one of the most difficult things to do. I ask that all of you who are reading this to leave some words of encouragement for him on whatever page you may be viewing his story.

Until next Tuesday, thank you all and have a great week.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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