So, it was bound to happen. Last week’s weigh-in I did not lose any weight. On the plus side, I did not gain any back. I have tried to lose weight before. When I got to the point where I was not losing any more or even gaining some back, I would just give up and quit. Go back to my unhealthy habits. I did myself a disservice. This time was different. I was able to speak with Shannon (my super awesome health coach at Revolutionary Wellness) about the previous weeks issues and we pinpointed some of the reasons I may not have lost any weight.

First, I got too comfortable and did not hold myself accountable for my diet. I was not eating per my meal plan and got my system off track. I had a family emergency which also messed up my schedule. Now, it was not that I just went and ate junk food. I was not eating at the regular times and I did not have as much water as I should have. I have not had any bread or any of my old favorite drink, RC Cola. I just did not keep my system functioning the same way I have done in previous weeks.

Now, I did not accomplish my weekly goal. Does that mean I failed? Does it make me a bad person? No. It just means that I did something that did not help me in achieving my goals. Who do I have to blame for this? Should I blame my family for having an emergency? Is it work’s fault because I had so much to do and could not schedule my meals correctly? Absolutely not.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What I need to do is take responsibility for my own choices and actions. For example, when I chose to get wrapped up in work and did not allow myself a proper meal, my body reacted by storing more fat for later because it thought it would not get needed nourishment on a regular basis. So, while I chose to focus on things that could have waited, I chose to ignore what my body needed.

Taking personal accountability for your actions and learning from them is the key to success. Just because you make a mistake or a bad decision does not make you a bad person.  If you do not acknowledge your own mistakes, you will not be able to learn from them and better yourself. We all make bad decisions and poor judgements at some point in our lives. It is what makes us human. Problems arise when we neglect the opportunity to learn from those decisions and judgments.

This kind of thinking applies not only to weight loss, but to every facet of our lives. When we are willing to accept our faults, we have the best opportunity to be the best person we can be. This is not a new idea. I am not the first one to speak those words. That does not make them any less true.

I had a bad week last week. I identified and accepted where things went wrong and made steps to correct them. Maybe today’s weigh-in will show a different result. I hope so. Even if it does not, I will not consider my diet or myself a failure. You only fail when you stop trying.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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