Well, here it is. Ten weeks in the books. I started this journey off at 229 pounds being comfortable wearing size 3XL shirts. Last week’s weigh-in was 212 pounds. Those shirts now hang a little longer and a lot looser. I have discovered holes in my belt that had not previously seen any use.

Last week I saw my primary care provider (PCP). We followed up on bloodwork that I had done and to discuss my medications. I had not seen my PCP in four months, and she was very happy with what she saw. When last she saw me, I was 232 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol were being controlled by medication and the words diet and exercise were not even a blip on my radar. She was quite surprised with the transformation that had taken place.

We sat and discussed my new health goals, and I was eager to see if there was a way to get off my medications. As we talked, she was agreeable to cutting my doses in half. With the promise of continuing my new regimen and getting more blood work done in three months we had an agreement. It felt great knowing that I can make a difference in my own health and well being as long as I made the commitment to do so.

Last week I updated you to the fact that I had started exercising. After meeting with the always awesome Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness, she updated my exercises. Four days a week my exercise consists of time spent on the exercise bike and some other core and cardio workouts at home. The other three days I have a two mile walk to do. I was told that if I could do those two miles in 30 minutes or less my pizza was …no…that does not sound right. Although pizza…yum.

Anyway, if I could do the walk in 30 minutes or less, I would be doing good. So, I had a new goal. Speed up my walk a little and get it done in 30. Sunday I finished at 29:38. I like having goals. It gives me something to strive for. I will also admit that I am a bit of a people pleaser, so I use that as a tool to help drive me to achieve those goals.

It is not always easy. For example, this Sunday I really did not want to go for a walk. I got up, took the dogs outside and immediately wanted to do nothing else that day. I had to have a serious conversation with myself. “Yes, it is the weekend and there are plenty of other things you want to do. However, you agreed to follow through on the weight loss program and do what you were told to do. You can either do it and work towards your goal or you can skip it and have to tell Shannon that you were lazy. Which one is it gonna be?” So I took the walk. That was the day I beat the goal.

Now, I cannot claim that all the success I have had up until now is by my own doing. I have a great support system. Not only do I have my weekly appointments with Shannon, updates with people at work and writing this blog, I have great support at home.

I want to tell you that my wife, Cyndi and our daughter, Sera, have been cheering me on since day one. Their love and support have been a great driving force in making this journey successful. Cyndi has found us many healthy dinner alternatives, taught me how to set up and take down our exercise bike and has even joined me in getting healthier.

Sera is always there to greet me with a smile and ask how my day was. She is learning how to eat better and is not snacking as much as she was 10 weeks ago. She is also very mindful of the fact that “Daddy can’t have this, so I won’t eat it in front of him. That’s not nice.” If she has to eat something in front of me she always asks if it is ok with me. It is.

Having a strong support system has been the backbone of my success with this program. Everyone around me has been so supportive of the changes I have been making. The other thing is that I feel so much better, both physically and mentally than I did when I started. I still have 32 pounds to lose to get to my target weight of 180 pounds. This has been a truly wonderful experience for me. Next week I hope to have some big news for those of you who have been following my blog. Until then, have a great week.

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