Ok. In last weeks blog we discussed depression and how it can affect things like trying to lose weight. I had a bout of it that lasted a little longer than normal. As a result, I gained a little over a pound and a half. So, I took my own advice. I told myself “This was merely a stumble, not a fall.”  

I did come out of that depression last Wednesday. Last Tuesday’s weigh in helped with that. I made a nice comeback and was at 108 pounds. For those of you keeping score, I officially made it to the 20 pounds lost mark! To say I was thrilled was an understatement. I still have 28 pounds to go to get to my healthy weight of 180 pounds. I have the goal set to be at 200 pounds by March 16th. I feel that is an attainable goal. My wife and daughter are a great support system and my weekly meetings with Shannon at Revolutionary Wellness really help me to keep my focus.

I find that while it is helpful to see the big picture, do not make it the main goal. I prefer to observe what I like to call “Little Victories”.  For instance, I will not know if I lost any more weight until 1:00 pm today as I write this on Tuesday mornings prior to weigh ins. What I do know is that I have a pair of fleece lined jeans that I got from L.L. Bean that I have not been able to fit into for quite a few years. This Saturday I decided to try them on.

I have told you in earlier posts about how some of my clothes are becoming larger and fit looser than they used to. I am also able to wear 2xl shirts more comfortably now and even they are starting to hang looser on me. I am finding holes in my belts that have never seen use. I was getting happier with my clothing.

Except with those fleece lined L.L. Bean jeans.

Several times in the last few weeks I had tried them on but to no avail. I sucked in my gut until my face turned blue and could not get the damned things to button. I have a couple of other pair of them that fit well several weeks ago but this one pair seemed to be holding out for something different. After some research (basically looking and comparing the tags on the jeans) I realized the ones that fit me well were the relaxed fit, while the bane of my clothing existence was a regular fit.

Since it was a bit chilly outside this weekend and my other jeans were in the wash, I decided to try these on again. They had been sitting, folded almost mockingly, waiting for me to try again. This Saturday, I tried them again. As I stepped into them, my mind raced with images of previous attempts. The deep breaths, the pulling of the two sides trying to get the button anywhere near the button hole. I hoped for the best.

I was pleasantly surprised when the button easily found the button hole, a reunion several years in the making. No turning blue while I inhaled. No straining. I even had room to comfortably tuck in a shirt. I was amazed.

After I finished getting dressed, I ran downstairs to the kitchen where my wife was an I proudly stated “Look at this!”

She turned around to see me lifting my sweatshirt revealing the tucked in shirt below it as I was pulling the loose end of my belt out from the loop. Obviously, I hadn’t thought this through as her face gave me a look and she said, “What the hell are you doing? I’ve seen it before and Sera is in the other room!”

I quickly stated that I wanted her to see how much of the belt I no longer needed to use and the fact that the jeans that once mocked me were comfortable for me to wear. When we realized what each other thought, we shared a moment of humor together. I consider that moment to be another “Little Victory”, more shared time and communication with my family.

I have continued to find other “Little Victories” in my life. For instance, I have begun learning how to put out better quality ads and announcements for our company on social media. The fact that I was able to learn something new and apply it was a “Little Victory”.

It helps to know the big picture, but not to let that rule everything you do. Each “little victory” will get you one step closer to the goals that you have set for yourself. If you stumble along that journey, it will be ok.  A simple “what can I do better at today” attitude can make all the difference. This is something I must remind myself of constantly. I especially need to do it when depression sets in. I hope those of you reading this week can find your own “Little Victory”.

Have a great week!

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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