I spent last week in Myrtle Beach helping to open our newest clinic, so we didn’t have a blog or weigh-in last week. To answer the most important question people have asked me, Yes, I did see the beach but spent no time on it. I can confirm it’s existence, however, I cannot confirm much more than that.

A lot went on since I posted the last blog but this week I really want to follow up on my last blog and my continued adventures in the world of exercise. If you read my last blog, you know I felt that things didn’t go well for me. Everyone at some point will feel that way. The important thing is to not be discouraged by the negative feelings and try again. So this week I tried again.  

I am extremely happy to announce that our personal trainer, Lisa, put me through a workout Monday that was amazing!

Lisa and I have talked many times over the last few weeks about getting me into shape. While I have lost a lot of weight and am eating heathier, we must add some form of structure to my exercising to get my new body fit. She suggested that we do this with a boxing program. It would be a thirty-minute workout with nine three-minute stations.

When I got to the gym at our Lee’s Hill location, Lisa met me and had everything ready to go. It was obvious to me how much effort she put into this. She had the stations set and ready to go. Before we even began, she had an outline printed for me of what the stations were and what we were going to do.

Before we started at each station, Lisa walked me through exactly what we were going to do, why we were doing it and what benefits these stations would have for me. Not only did she give me thorough instruction, but she also did the workout with me. It was nice to have someone working out side by side with.

The workout consisted of eight three-minute “rounds” and one five minute “round”. Three minutes may seem like a short amount of time, however, in exercise time it may seem daunting.

Round one was three minutes of jump rope. As jumping rope requires a level of skill and balance that I do not currently possess, we used an indoor cordless jump rope. This is essentially a handle with a short cord and a weighted ball on the end. It gave me a good workout and prevented me the embarrassment of tripping myself up with a conventional jump rope. In three minutes, I only needed 3 breaks. Remember, I’m out of shape.

Round two was the five letters that I had an aversion to. AMRAP. This round, however, was very enjoyable. It consisted of 10 forward lunges with bicep curls, 10 squats with military press on the rise and 10 bicep to military press. Repeat as many times as possible in three minutes. This was a perfect small set for me, I was able to get most of them and with Lisa’s guidance kept good form. No breaks were needed with this one.

Round three was the speed bag for three minutes. This one was frustrating due to my poor hand eye coordination. I got the rhythm down, kept my arms and elbows up and did the best I could. This is the round that I feel I need to work on the most.

Round four was working with the wrecking ball. Imagine a real demolition wrecking ball that is soft and filled with sand. I was to do a Jab, Cross, Right Hook, Left Hook, Right Upper Cut, Left Upper Cut, Right Knee and Left Knee. I had to call them out as I did them. I would do one set then Lisa would do a set. She gave me pointers all along. This was fun as well.

Round five was the heavy bag 3-21. Building on the moves I learned in round four I was to start by doing 3 of them in any combination I wanted. Then 6, then 9 increasing by threes to 21. Then decreasing from 21 down to 3 by threes. I also had to count out loud. This was also enjoyable.

Round six was the heavy bag high low punches. This is essentially punching the heavy bag from the top down to the very bottom, basically going from a standing position to a squatting position and back up again. I could feel my leg muscles.

Round seven was the weighted bar side leg raises. I laid on my side, bottom leg bent at the knee, the bar resting on the top side of my foot as I raised and lowered it in sets of ten. After the first set was done, I’d change sides and do another set. As each round is three minutes, I tried to get in as many sets as I could.

Round eight was a sit-up medicine ball pass with Lisa. We sat feet to feet in the sit-up position with knees bent. She took the six-pound medicine ball, passed it to me, I then leaned back until my back was flat on the floor and the ball was above my head. I then sat back up and passed the ball back to her. The addition of the weight from the medicine ball improved the quality of my sit-up. Again, we did this for three minutes.

Round nine was the easiest. A five-minute stroll to cool down on the treadmill completed all nine rounds. During this time, Lisa gave me very good tips on how to improve my use of the treadmill. As I walked, we discussed the rounds and how I could continue to improve. She also gave me an idea of how she would change things up to keep the workouts fresh and work different muscles in body.

After the workout I felt great! I had broken a good sweat and felt like I had accomplished something. This workout was something I hadn’t done before, and it was fun. I really enjoyed it. I also know the areas I need to improve upon. I’m the type of person who wants to know the how’s, what’s and why’s of anything I do. Lisa provided all that and more.

She suggested that we start by doing this twice a week. She also gave me homework to get back to walking a mile. I did that Tuesday morning and got in a little over a mile in just over seventeen minutes. On Wednesday I’ll do the nine rounds again and hope to show improvement on the rounds I had trouble with on Monday. On Thursday I will walk the same route with the goal of bettering my time.

I also found that Lisa is awesome at follow-up with her clients. Tuesday morning, I received a text from her asking how I felt. She wanted to make sure that I was doing ok and to offer her continued encouragement.

The experience I had with the training that Lisa provided was fantastic. I am actually looking forward to Wednesday’s session. For someone with a deep aversion to routine exercise this was the perfect thing to get me started. I never thought that I would see boxing as a way to improve my health and assist in losing weight, but here we are. I would definitely recommend trying this out to anyone who wants to get fit. Remember, I’m the guy who confused “exercise” with “extra fries”.

As always, have a great week.

Written by: Craig Repanshek

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