I sit here writing this blog following our most recent snow storm and first of the New Year, in which it shut down I-95, left people without power for days, and turned local roads into an ice rink. I think to myself “How is Virginia always so underprepared for winter every year?” It’s not like it’s a surprise it’s coming, one of these kinds of storms seem to happen every January.  This is however the point of view from a midwesterner who grew up south of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A land where you shovel snow in your sweatshirt and shorts when it’s single digit weather, you drive through blizzard conditions to your local gas station to get more gas for your snow blower when it dies, and where the roads were more often than not cleared by lunchtime so the kids could still have a partial day of school. Oh, and where there are separate traffic lanes for snowmobiles.

In all seriousness though, with bad weather conditions upon us please be careful out there.  If you know a storm is coming, plan ahead and stock up on essentials at the store a day or two in advance just in case you lose power. When you’re out shoveling snow, make sure you have proper footwear to help minimize your risk of slipping and falling on ice, and be sure to lift with your legs and not your back to lessen the the chance of injuring yourself.

So as you’re locked in doors braving Frosty’s wrath, throw a few logs in the fire, grab some hot cocoa or cider, and go binge the latest season of Cobra Kai, Yellowstone, etc. I however will be outside sitting by a bonfire and playing fetch with my two dogs. While I sit there I’ll be thinking about winters past where I’d be by a bonfire (in 30 degree colder weather) after one of my ski races, or how I’d spent my childhood winters playing pond hockey and sledding from dusk till dawn.

Be Well, and Happy 2022!

Written By: David Derco

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