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Foot And Ankle Pain | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

We have developed Seven Easy Foot and Ankle Exercises that are free for you to help you live pain free!

 At Fusion Rehab and Wellness, our foot and ankle program focuses on proper mechanics with walking, improving foot and ankle mobility, strengthening the muscles in and around the foot and ankle, and ankle stabilization on a multitude of surface levels to help you achieve your personal goals. Our therapists have had experience with a wide array of patients and diagnoses pertaining to the foot and ankle and have helped them get back to what matters to them most. 

Whether you are an athlete looking to return to sport, a weekend warrior who wants to be able to reach your fitness goals without pain or just looking to wake up in the morning without pain and stiffness as you start your day, we are here to help. Want to know how we can help? Don’t hesitate to check out our FAQs below or request a call from one of our therapists! 

Foot And Ankle Pain | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to complete evaluations on the mechanics of walking to identify deficits in your strength or mobility in your legs leading to a pattern of compensations that can be contributing to your pain. To help you return to activities that are important to you we look at your entire lower extremity as a chain of functioning parts that affect one another, one broken link can cause a dysfunction in the entire chain. We will take into account your back, core, hip, and knee during our evaluation

Once we sprain the ligaments supporting our ankles, they do not snap back into place. Like an overstretched or even torn rubber band, it cannot supply the support it once did, thus leading to increased risk of recurrent injuries to that ankle. With physical therapy, we will improve the strength of the muscles surrounding your ankle so that they can provide the support your ligaments once provided. We will also work on your sense of position and balance in your ankle to better navigate unsteady surfaces without rolling your ankle. 

Even with a “Non-Weight Bearing” or “Weight Bearing as Tolerated” status, it is important to begin physical therapy to avoid tightness or muscle atrophy in the leg you had operated on. Otherwise, you could have a slower recovery once you are able to put weight through your leg again. We also offer aquatic therapy services once you begin putting weight through your foot to work on your walking mechanics and tolerance without as much pain. 

We listen. We actively listen to your complaints and treat you and your condition exactly how you present, not to figure out which flow sheet is the best to pull out. Our clinics use an individual approach to not only focus on strength and mobility deficits but also a person’s pain. Our therapists have multiple modalities at our disposal such as mobilizing your joint, soft tissue, and functional dry needling. Our therapists prioritize treating pain along with working towards functional changes. 

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Foot and Ankle Pain

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Walking with foot pain can feel very debilitating because it is a fundamental part of most everyone’s daily activities. From short distances through the house to walking a mile or even running a marathon, foot and ankle pain can severely hinder you. Whether you have had multiple ankle sprains, been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, or have had foot surgery, you don’t have to continue to live with pain every step. We have developed Seven Easy Foot and Ankle Exercises that are free for you to help you live pain-free!

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