How One Local Business Reacted When Covid Came Knocking

On Monday, January 4th, Jared McEwen was working at The Fusion Rehab and Wellness clinic’s Fredericksburg location. About halfway through his shift, he began to feel ill. He left the clinic and immediately went to seek medical attention. It…
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My Personal Weight Loss Journey (Thirteenth in a Series)

Ok. In last weeks blog we discussed depression and how it can affect things like trying to lose weight. I had a bout of it that lasted a little longer than normal. As a result, I gained a little over a pound and a half. So, I took my own advice.…

Why do I always hear to do 3 Sets of Ten Repetitions?

If you have ever been to physical therapy, had personal training, or even just looked up how to start a weight lifting program online, there is one thing in common, the number ten.  Most recommendations that professionals give when performing…

Giving Thanks!

Front Porch Highlights Anna from Fusion PT In the November edition of the Front Porch, our "Life in Motion" column recognizes Anna Robinson who is known in the greater Fredericksburg-area as the voice and the face of Fusion PT. See page 23…

Thursday Forum: Gray Dog Yoga

After a small break the Forum is back up with Bobbi Stoakes of Gray Dog Yoga! Yoga helps with everything from stress relief to joint pain to everything in between. We look forward to making your day a little easier :) Find out more about…

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dr. Travis Stoner, owner of Fusion Physical Therapy in Fredericksburg, VA and Director of Fusion Physical Therapy in Woodbridge, VA discusses Vestibular Disorders and Rehabilitation.  


Home Exercise program to help with BPPV instructed by Dr. Travis Stoner, Owner of Fusion Rehab and Wellness in Fredericksburg, Va