One theme that keeps being reiterated during these uncertain times, whether it is on the news or being passed around on social media, is concern for health. So, what is health? Many people tend to respond to health in a more reactive manor than proactive. What I mean by that is for some being healthy tends to be a reaction to an injury or an illness or advice from a doctor. But there is so much more than that to being healthy. Being healthy needs to be a more proactive response than just because an injury has healed or because medication is controlling blood pressure or because your back does not hurt any more. This is where a more holistic approach is affective. Wellness is consistently working to improve yourself physically and mentally. Seems easy, right? Unfortunately, it is not always easy. Here are some tips and tricks to starting a wellness program.

  1. Be Consistent – Eating the right foods and exercising for a long-lasting effect is all about consistency! It’s not having a healthy meal once a week or working out every once in a while. To help mitigate obesity, heart disease, and injury all these things must be the norm instead of the occasion. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you never eat ice cream or take a day off but instead consistently doing something for your health every day. That can be as simple as going for a walk after dinner instead of hitting the couch.
  2. Set a Schedule – To help become consistent with your health set a schedule. If every Tuesday you go for a walk after dinner or do yoga after work, you are more likely to do it. The same can be said for healthy eating. Getting in the routine of cooking or meal prepping can set you up for success instead of constantly grabbing whatever is available. I tell my yoga students all the time that the hardest part of a yoga class is making the decision to go and then actually going. We are creatures of habit and the more you make the habit, the more you will follow through.
  3. Reduce stress – Consistency and setting a schedule can also help reduce stress. Find a routine that works for you and take the conscious, mindful steps to follow through. With a lot of us working from home or on a schedule less regimented, setting start and stop times for work or activities can be an effective way to reduce stress and make time for exercise and self-care. 

During these crazy, stressful times it can seem more difficult than ever to prioritize wellness but there’s never a perfect time to start changing your lifestyle. Try these tips to jump start your wellness program. Resources are more accessible than ever whether it’s virtual or in person. If you need help getting a “jump start” our Wellness Program at Fusion may be the perfect place to start.


Written by: Michelle Etcho

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