Do any of these questions pertain to you?


  • Have you had back pain on one side, both sides, or centralized in your back for months and even years?
  • Have you had a physician tell you that you have a degenerated spine and/or spinal stenosis?
  • Do you often times have pain in one of both legs when walking or standing too long?
  • When you’re shopping, do you find yourself leaning on the cart or sitting down and leaning forward to find relief in your back?
  • Have you been avoiding exercises, activities/hobbies that you enjoy, and outings because you’re afraid that your back will “give out”?


What is Spinal stenosis?


Spinal stenosis is a normal aging process that occurs over time and is typically present in the elderly population. The changes in your spine is like forming gray hair or losing hair over time, it’s a natural part of the aging process!


Your nerves in your spine exit through structures called your vertebral foramina and stenosis literally means “narrowing.” When the holes that your nerves exit begin to narrow over time, it leaves little room for the nerves to exit, which can lead to pain in the back/legs, and even weakness in the legs.


Most people find relief with sitting and leaning over, and symptoms generally get worst with standing and prolonged walking


  • Educate you on the condition because everyone is DIFFERENT, AND teach you exercises/activities that you can do on your own to manage/alleviate your symptoms
    • Exercise has been proven through research to help reduce pain and to improve function for those with spinal stenosis
  • Provide hands-on manual treatment that can improve your mobility and decrease pain
  • Help you identify movements that exacerbate your condition and help you move pain free and find positions of comfort
  • Develop an individualized plan of care that is tailored toward your specific limitations and help you achieve a more active lifestyle again!

🌟Come speak with one of our PHYSICAL THERAPISTS at Fusion Physical Therapy to help you with your back injuries and to help make your day a little easier!


-Darrell Dila, DPT


Photo credit https://texasback.com/common-activities-which-are-causing-your-back-pain/


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