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Shoulder Pain | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

Now you’ve tried some general exercises and you’re still trying to determine what kind of injury Is going on?

Let’s explore what might be going on.

PAIN. There are many factors that lead to this kind of dysfunction. In all my years being a physical therapist, I have found that pain is not only a reaction to an injury, trauma, or surgery but pain can occur over time. For non-traumatic injuries, pain is your internal signal where your body is attempting or trying to grab your attention letting you know something is not right. When we choose to listen to those cues now or later is how bad the pain will be.

Shoulder Pain | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

The best care begins with discussion with you to determine your limitations and why you having pain and how pain is related to your dysfunction. Your Physical Therapist will determine how pain is a factor whether this occurs at the joint, has a muscle component or any combination thereof. Some special testing is very useful and will help to guide the examination on ruling in or out specific diagnosis. Based on the information from this examination, your Physical Therapist will make a plan with you to reduce your pain, return your movement patterns, promote strength and improve awareness through education so you can eventually independently manage your symptoms.

That may mean that the problem has to do with the stability of your joint.  The shoulder is a very unstable joint with the arm bone (Humerus) connecting to the body through the shoulder blade (Scapulae) and the collar bone (Clavicle). Because of the inherit nature of needing to be able to move your arm a lot, we rely heavily on muscles and ligaments to keep the joint stable.

DYNAMIC stability: the rotator cuff muscles and the shoulder muscles must work together in a relationship while your shoulder is moving. STATIC stability: tendons and ligaments help to provide stability while you’re are resting.

A dysfunction occurs when the shoulder blade and shoulder are not efficiently effectively working together causing an issue with mobility and that is a possible reason you why may feel pain. The presence of pain or weakness is a sign that something is not working as it should be.

Mobility is how your shoulder works. There can be many factors that limit how a shoulder works. With shoulders, tight joints or muscles decrease how much motion can be used. Limitations on space in or outside of the joint from irritation also put your shoulder at risk for dysfunction. Trauma from a fall, car accident, stroke or other involved neurological condition and even surgery can limit one’s function. With Physical Therapy, whatever your circumstance, we can help to restore normal, functional motion.  If you would like to know how physical therapy might be able to help, you can fill out the form below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with one of our Physical Therapists.

At Fusion, we pride ourselves in taking the time to listen to your complaints, examine all aspects of what may be causing your shoulder pain, and develop a specific treatment plan for you.  We focus on each individual to maximize your outcomes and get you back to doing what you love fast!

Yea, I’ve heard that before, but then I was just handed off to a tech who followed a flow sheet.

On behalf of all of us at Fusion, we are sorry that was your experience.  We don’t believe in that here.  The therapist will follow you through your individual exercise plan that has been tailored to your specific needs.  We don’t have flow sheets and you are treated by your therapist at each visit.  There are places out there that do exactly what you said, but we believe in treating patients, not diagnoses. 

And you’ve had experience with my type of problem before? Like you know what you’re doing?

I will let my past patients speak to that and let you decide:


Rob Sullivan

I was referred to Fusion by my doctor due to my rotator cuff injury. Eight weeks of effective Physical therapy (only 12 sessions) under the guidance of Micbeth, with assistance by Regina, Katie and Maggie I am fortunately back to normal motion. Thank you very much Fusion staff for your caring support! I highly recommend Fusion for your PT plans.

Mary Cardwell

The staff at Fusion is very friendly. Renee took the time to explain everything to me. She got my shoulder feeling better in no time!

Deborah Leigh

Renee Threfall was caring and delightful to work with in my neck & shoulder therapy. I have had neck stiffness and arthritis pains for years and had never been referred to PT before this latest flare up. that left me sleepless and in constant pain. I worked hard at home between appointments and my recovery was amazingly quick. I have regained motion and my pain level is now minimal, thanks to Renee’s guidance.

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