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Having wrist pain can impact all daily life. Making it difficult to do simple tasks like buttoning your pants or typing to more intricate tasks like tying your shoes.  We are happy to provide our Seven Simple Exercises to help with Wrist and Finger Pain to help you out!  Click the button below to download some exercises right away!

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Wrist Pain | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

So how exactly can Fusion Rehab & Wellness help me?

Wrist pain can be from a sprain or a strain, overuse or underuse, arthritis, or trauma. We can help you get back to your normal. We are here to help you in decreasing your pain and increase your quality of life. 

Treatments we offer to be able to get you back your quality of life would be diagnosing the problem, treating it, and giving you the tools to keep the pain away or manageable. Our experts will diagnose the problem with superior clinical reasoning, using special tests and creating a treatment plan specific to you. Treatments include joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization, exercises, and modalities to control the pain. We use clinical reasoning and evidence practice to ensure great outcomes for you. 

Wrist Pain | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

One diagnosis treated was a patient that slipped and had fallen with his arm reached out, breaking his radius. He was seen for six weeks following a cast removal. The patient had stiffness with wrist extension, difficulty weight bearing onto his wrist, and generalized weakness from underuse for the 6 weeks. This made life difficult for him by hindering his daily workouts with push ups and lifting groceries. After a few sessions the patient was able to increase his quality of life by tolerating weight bearing more and resistance. 

Yes, it is.  The wrist joint is made up of 2 long bones that make up your forearm called your radius and ulna. There are 8 smaller carpal bones in your wrist that form together in 2 rows to meet the metacarpals, which are the bones in the palm of your hand. Muscles in the wrist are primarily located in the forearm. There are several muscles that make up the flexors and the extensors. The extensors are primarily located on the back of the wrist to the elbow. Whereas the flexors are on the palmar side and make up the middle portion of the forearm. There are 2 categories of ligaments; the dorsal inter carpal ligaments and the palmar intercarpal ligaments. The dorsal carpal ligaments are on the back surface of the wrist connecting the carpals to one another and the carpals to the radius and ulna. The palmar inter carpal ligaments are on the front surface of the wrist and are thicker for better support connecting the carpals and the carpal bones to the radius and ulna too. There is an anterior band, known as the flexor retinaculum that travels across the palmar side that supports all of the carpal bones. This is important because this forms the carpal tunnel, through which the median nerve passes.  If the nerve becomes inflamed, or any of the tendons through the tunnel, it can cause pressure on nerves and tendons causing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Nope, Physical Therapy is amazing at helping Carpal Tunnel without surgery!  We are able to use manual therapy techniques and different stretches that can completely prevent surgery and get you back to doing all the things you love in no time.

Absolutely! We offer 30 minute, no obligation discovery visits with all of our therapists to sit, have a coffee if you’d like, and discuss how we may or may not be able to help.

But how much experience do you have with these types of issues?

I’d like to let my reviews speak for me:

Hannah B.

“ I was in a car accident in June and injured my dominant hand. I’d never needed physical therapy before and was really hesitant, because of the reputation it has for being so painful.

I’ve dealt with a lot of doctors since the accident, and of them all, Fusion has been the best. Their office makes me feel so comfortable. Ashley, Maritza, Micbeth, Sydney, and Jess contribute to an atmosphere that is professional, but encouraging and welcoming. It’s obvious that they work well together.

One of the things that I really haven’t experienced with other doctors is that Fusion listens and hears me, and takes everything I say into consideration. My preconceived notions about physical therapy are gone. I have a lot of faith in them, I am so reassured by their competency. It’s obvious that they care about their clients. and they take pride in what they do.

They are instrumental in my wellness journey, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Ok, you’ve convinced me, I’m ready to book an appointment!

Great, all you have to do is fill out the contact form below and we can begin the process of helping you with your health moving forward!

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