LSVT BIG Program

Has the progression of Parkinson’s Disease caused you or a loved one to have trouble with simple daily tasks such as walking, getting out of bed, grocery shopping and many other day to day tasks?

If so, our LSVT BIG  program is here to help!

Lsvt Big Program | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

What is LSVT BIG Program?

The LSVT BIG Program (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) is designed to help “recalibrate” the brain.  As Parkinson’s Disease progresses, you may notice movements become slower, smaller, and misdirected.  Shuffling and freezing while walking will become more obvious. The BIG program teaches you how and when to make BIG movements to match those around you.

LSVT BIG Treatment consists of:

Our LSVT BIG Program can help with some of these conditions

Let’s answer some of your questions before you make the time to come in!

We want to make sure you’re ready and your time is used appropriately.

What to expect from Initial Evaluation

  1. Discuss the patient’s functional limitations.
  2. Evaluate impairments including, but not limited to, pain, strength, ROM, and balance.
  3. Discuss the patients and the therapist’s goals for aquatic therapy.
  4. Discuss benefits of aquatic therapy
  5. Give patients instructions on getting to the pool, what to wear, etc.
  6. May also give the patient a few land-based exercises to do as a HEP, if the patient has a flexibility issue or a severe strength deficiency.

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