Wheelchair Evaluation

Wheelchair Evaluation | Fusion Rehab And Wellness

What is Wheelchair Evaluation?

During our Wheelchair Evaluation, we are able to identify the specific needs required of each individual to fit them with the most appropriate wheelchair. This will allow the patient to become more independent and safer as they move about their home and in the community.

Numerous Benefits Include:

Wheelchair Evaluation can help with some of these conditions

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What to expect from Initial Evaluation

  1. Discuss the patient’s functional limitations.
  2. Evaluate impairments including, but not limited to, pain, strength, ROM, and balance.
  3. Discuss the patients and the therapist’s goals for aquatic therapy.
  4. Discuss benefits of aquatic therapy
  5. Give patients instructions on getting to the pool, what to wear, etc.
  6. May also give the patient a few land-based exercises to do as a HEP, if the patient has a flexibility issue or a severe strength deficiency.

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