The Wal-Pil-O Features
  • 4-in-1 pillow with different borders and center sections.
  • Reduces discomfort due to tension headaches and arthritic disorders.
  • Full Size Four-in-one cervical pillow
  • Two different borders (narrow and wide)
  • Two types of center sections (soft and medium)
  • Hypoallergenic polyurethane and polyester fiber
  • 24″ W x 15″ L x 4″ H at both borders


Wal-Pil-O neck pillows were developed by Lionel Walpin, MD, a noted physician specializing in neck & back care. Dr. Walpin was a pioneer in integrative medicine, a Clinical Director of Physical Medicine, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles, and a decorated officer in the US Army Medical Corps in Tokyo, Japan.

Why Is the Wal-Pil-O Unique?

-Designed with expert knowledge of anatomy and function, these neck pillows gently align your head and neck in a more normal relationship. Each pillow offers 4-in-1 ways to get a good night’s sleep with a choice of a narrow or a wide firm border and a soft or medium center. Posture is as important while you sleep as when you are awake. 

-Always Made in the USA.

-Recommended for 40 years by physician leaders and healthcare professionals.

-Praised in medical journals and textbooks, and popular media, including the TODAY Show, Vogue and TImeLife.

-Proudly listed by CertiPUR.US.

-Packaging printed in USA with vegetable ink and is BPA free.

Why Don’t I Just Use An All Memory Foam Pillow?

Pillows made entirely from memory foam simply accommodate to your body because they adapt to the weight and shape of your head. Your head carries your neck with it, thereby positioning the head and neck where they “have to be” rather than where they ought to be for healthy alignment as seen with the Wal-Pil-O.

And there is more…

You can feel good about purchasing a Wal-Pil-O®. Our simple packaging is Made in the USA and is recyclable  – BPA free and printed with vegetable ink. Rest easy!


“This is the best ergonomic pillow I have experienced.” 

 Vijay Vad, MD 

Sports Medicine Specialist

Hospital for Special Surgery,NYC  

“Patients  with dysfunction of the shoulder or chest, or even of the lower back  usually have a cervical spine issue when examined carefully. By using the  Well-Pil-O ®, cervical dysfunctional areas can be passively addressed and  healing will be enhanced by the pillow’s gentle re-alignment of the head and neck.”

– Glenn H. Goldfinger, PT, MA

Physical Therapist

Director, Health Career Opportunity Program

NYU School of Medicine


“Special pillows designed to maintain the head in a normal alignment with the body, retaining a moderate cervical lordosis,..are the Wal-Pil-O® designed by Lionel Walpin, MD..” -Janet Travell, MD                                                         

White House Physician to Presidents JFK and LBJ


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